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We started this project to play Smash with our friends. Now you can join for free to be a part of our community.

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Join our TeamSpeak or Discord and tell a team member you want to buy a rank.

About our server What do we offer?
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Our knock 'em down gamemode smash is based on the game "Super Smash Bros". Knock your enemies off the map with over 30 characters, each with their own skills. Pick up special items and use them for your own advantage!

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Dig your way through dirt in order to find equipment! Gear up with loot, upgrade it with enchants, and search for your enemies! Be on the lookout for random events! They could have a positive as well as a negative impact on your game.

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Our variation of bedwars is an 1v1 based gamemode. But that's not all! It gives you the option to enable features like no hit delay, no item loss or even disable knockback! You can even disable things you don't like, like for example hunger, fall damage, bed protection and more!

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The classic survival! Mine, build, craft and survive. Gear up, build a base and raid other players! You've got known features helping you along the way like for example /tpa, /sethome and more.

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We also have a Gungame variant of Smash! Knock your enemies off the map and level up! Each level you’ll play as a different character. Be fast & reach level 7 to win the game! Who will be the fastest?

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Pro €10.00
  • Smash VIP characters
  • Smash advanced items voting
  • Join full game servers
  • BW-1VS1 VIP settings
  • Molecraft event tokens
  • Private Smash rounds (4 slots)
  • 10 Survival homes
  • +10.35 respect
Pro+ €20.00
  • All features from Pro
  • Start Smash rounds faster
  • Start Molecraft rounds faster
  • Force Smash maps
  • Joinme Command
  • Private Smash rounds (8 slots)
  • 25 Survival homes
  • +99999999 respect