Why should I join SmashMC.eu?

Family Friendly

Our hand made, high quality games are great fun for the whole family.


Thanks to innovative fiber optics technology we provide the best Minecraft gaming experience you ever dreamed of.

No Smoking

In order to protect the enviroment and the health of our players, smoking is not allowed on our servers.

Pro Rank
Pro prefix
Smash VIP characters
Smash advanced items voting
Join full game servers
BW-1vs1 VIP settings
Molecraft event tokens
Private Smash rounds (4 slots)
+10.35 respect
Pro+ Rank
Pro+ prefix
All features from Pro
Start Smash rounds faster
Start Molecraft rounds faster
Force Smash maps (Using: /forcemap)
Admins are going to like you
Private Smash rounds (8 slots)
+99999999 respect